Despite China’s rapidly growing travel industry, China Business Review believes that it is still in its very beginnings. According to the World Tourism and Trade Council, China is now the world’s second largest market for travel and tourism. However, fierce competition, lack of diversity and poor customer service are typical in the country’s industry setting.

Exploring the best of China is no easy task. Our website will show you that traveling to China’s big cities is manageable. Moreover, if you are interested in discovering the country’s rich history, diverse culture and scenic landscapes, then you are at the right place.

Welcome to iTravelqq!

There are literally thousands of websites that highlight and discuss China as your next holiday destination. This being said, most of them are dull and don’t help that much. What sets iTravelqq apart is that we do not focus on the experience alone, but rather we encompass the whole travel industry. For instance, we feature articles on how businesses in this sector can manage their operations more efficiently and productively. Moreover, we give our readers insights regarding when is the best time to travel in China, and marketing tips for travel agencies, among other things.

Undoubtedly, China has so much to offer. From sumptuous cuisines to one of a kind experiences, everyone has something in store for them upon their visit. If you would like to make the best out of your stay in the country, iTravelqq provides travel tips, practicalities and resources that will come in handy while in China.

It is a usual thing for travelers to experience culture shock, especially if it is their first time in that place. The Chinese culture is very different from that of the Western countries. But don’t you worry!?iTravelqq will introduce you to travel etiquettes that you have to understand and learn by heart when going around China.

This year, include China on your travel destinations. Just plan it carefully to avoid any inconvenience. Moreover, you can seek assistance from travel agencies in your home country. They will arrange everything for you, including meals, accommodations and itinerary. For more information on China and tips on travelling there, continue reading our blog.

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