China Blue Syndrome in Sydney

Those who are looking for an opportunity to explore exotic Asian beauties should go to Sydney. The city’s red light district is teeming with brothels that feature escorts that are of oriental heritage. Aside from this, there are a lot of? adult things to do in Sydney that everyone will surely enjoy.

Asian brothels in Sydney are the topmost destination of businessmen, frat guys and travellers who are yearning to spend their nights with oriental ladies. In fact, the exotic beauty of Asian women makes them sought after by most men. Aside from their striking appeal, Asian escorts are known to be sweet and submissive. This being said, they can also be seductive, wild and sexually daring.

China Blue Syndrome in Sydney

Everyone wants that tasty Asian dish. Since Sydney is a melting pot of various races, the city can accommodate every man’s Asian craving. Aside from restaurants, the cathouses in the city are one of a kind. Oriental women who work in these brothels are not your ordinary drug using hookers. For the most part, they are wholesome and are looking for fun and quick bucks.

Much of the well-sought premier Asian brothels in Sydney are in Surry Hills. These cathouses boast the “escort experience that will make you come back for more”. Most of the ladies here are stunning Chinese, Japanese, Thais and Koreans. Anyone can enjoy a passionate and sensual night for a reasonable price. Aside from a roster of Asian women, these brothels have private rooms where guests can comfortably enjoy their stay.

The Other Side of Sydney for Adults

Other than liaising with Asian ladies, travellers can book an array of adult activities and attractions in the city. There are live cabaret shows, casino shows, ghost tours and brewery tours available.

If you are up for one hell of a scary night, join the Quarantine Station Ghost Tour. Explore the haunted sites in Sydney while listening at true to life ghost stories. Tours happen nightly at 8pm, except during Mondays and Tuesdays.

Party animals are advised to enjoy the wild and vibrant Sydney nightlife. Take pleasure in overflowing beers, sexy strangers and funky music up until the sun rises. Meanwhile, music lovers can enjoy a sumptuous buffet at the Sydney Harbour. They can feast on delicious meals while listening to a live jazz band.